VP of Sales

Silex Technology America, Inc.
Silex Technology America, Inc. (STA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Silex Technology Inc.(STI), a $40M dollar, 35-year developer and OEM manufacturer of leading-edge network enabling technology appliances for print and wireless connectivity.  STI was recently acquired by the Muratec family of companies in Japan.  Muratec is a $2B, private company well known for their driven commitment to innovation and development of products that change the lives of people at home and in the work place. 
Silex Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of OEM hardware, software, embedded modules and turnkey connectivity products that make our clients products better. STI has regional offices for sales, marketing and development in Japan, United States and Germany.  Silex Technology is integrated vertically to support customers from design to production, maintaining the highest quality standards.

Silex Technology America, Inc. is focused on growth opportunities in expanding the OEM markets for embedded wireless products for the medical and peripheral markets and the external box to embedded opportunities for our connectivity products.  The company’s vision is to become the integral company that businesses look to and rely on for putting their devices and products on the network.

Behavioral Traits of our Ideal VP of Sales Candidate


Achiever. You are a sales management “rock star.” You have a demonstrated life pattern of sustained personal and business growth, increasing in opportunity and capability.  The candidate will be passionate about the business and future showing “fire in the belly” to perform their responsibility enabling them to harvest the rewards of their success. You possess clear energy, drive, and commitment to adopt the President’s goal to double company size through organic sales growth in 3-4 years.

Competitor. You are a winner. Doing your best is not enough, it is a minimum standard only; you want to win, hate to lose, and are never satisfied with anything but the top spot on every record book.

Producer. You are results oriented, both personally and professionally.  With an ongoing awareness of profit and productivity objectives you focus on goals that define success in your field. You search for critical factors required to achieve goals and use them to your benefit.

Mission of Service.. You understand the mission of the company and the great service our products and services provide to our clients.  You are not a clock-watcher, realizing that as the VP of Sales is a key member of the Silex America executive team, that there are times that will require greater levels of time commitment to ensure desired outcomes, and that delivering results is the measure of performance.

Modes of Thinking

Decision Maker. You are forward-thinking, process and systems oriented, aware of critical factors that affect a decision, and have clarity of thought on how to collect, process, and make rational decisions with regularity for the betterment of the organization.

Discerner. You possess an abundance of ‘street smarts.’  To be highly successful as the VP of Sales, a person must be able to assimilate knowledge, sort the useful from superfluous, and make an appropriate response or chart a course of action in an appropriate and reasoned manner.  Indeed, the right candidates will possess an abundance of “uncommon sense.” They will possess “good judgment and reasoning skills that make one wise, and an able confidant and advisor to the President.

Innovator. You are creative and improvement focused. Personal experience can be a limiting constraint to creativity, and the right person will be able to be creative in solutions where their personal knowledge or past experience does not show a clear path to a desired outcome; the ability to be creative and not rely on the ‘tried and true’ past experiences is an important hallmark of the innovator we seek. The VP of SALES will create and identify opportunities, create vertical market demand through application marketing and translate Silex solutions to customer value .An ability to innovate and be creative is viewed as an important characteristic of the right candidate.

Values. You have uncompromising integrity. The right person will be able to demonstrate a life-long dedication to ethical behavior and honesty across the global landscape.  The right candidate will also be discrete, hold confidences of the President, and be a trusted and trustworthy member of the executive team.  Finally, our industry is always changing and growing, and the trait of being a Life-Long Learner is imperative. The VP of SALES is not a know-it-all, but rather a seeker of new information, realizing that there is always more to be learned, and that constant vigilance to keep up with technology, industry and best practices is their norm.

Modes of Acting

Arranger. You are a Pro-active Problem Solver.  The right person will have an awareness of the human, technical, and other resources required to complete a task and will seldom be caught unprepared because of their foresight.  Many business risk situations can be avoided through broad scanning of business risks, and when risks appear, handling them swiftly, sensitively, and decisively to minimize risk exposure to the company, and aid customers or employees with problem resolution to avoid costly litigation and dispute resolution. Must track and communicate these risk-situations to Silex in timely manner to aid the company with risk exposure. Many small issue fires can be put out quickly, but if left to smolder or unmanaged, can become great liabilities that may create greater risk exposure for the company.

Cultivator. The right person will be forward-looking and constantly looking for ways to improve people, processes, and outcomes of your department, and the business as a whole. You strive to know all the goals of the company in order to maximize value throughout the company.

Developer, aka, the Player/Coach. The VP of Sales will be a player/coach, with sufficient “been-there-done-that” experience to coach team members to higher levels of performance. The VP OF SALES realizes that his job is to teach by example, and to teach employees how to “fish”, not just catch the fish for them. The VP of Sales will work alongside other team members in mission critical situations to provide leadership and increase the capacity and ability of the company to meet demand.

Executor. Once a decision is made you demonstrate deliberateness in your steps and act  decisively, with a systems approach that mitigates risks and accomplishes the company mission in a profitable manner consistent with the values of the company.

Intensity. You have fire in your belly. High performers have amazing stamina, endurance, and focus on work activities. These individuals seldom count hours, they count achievements and milestones.

Proactivity. You are prone to act, rather than waiting to be acted upon.  You own your future and take action to make things happen; there is no time for finger pointing or blaming; that’s a distraction to getting things done.  You find ways of working around problems to deliver results.

Simplicity.  You seek to educate rather than confuse the situation with complex data, looking to streamline processes to eliminate waste.

Prospector. You are sales cycle process oriented and thrive in cultivating prospects, sorting, sifting, elevating, and driving sales through your machine like process. You think naturally in terms of needs, potentials, decision makers, influencers, and sales opportunities.

Strategist. You are a strategist from idea to execution, thinking through the steps necessary to bring sales to fruition. Deadlines are not missed, as processes ensure that all requirements are thoughtfully and appropriately handled beforehand.  Prioritization of work effort, resources, and tasks comes naturally to you, and is improved by your systems orientation and process flows. You understand that business is a marathon and not a sprint, being prepared to do the essential preparations for sustained long-term success.

Visionary. You have the ability to and strive to create, share and communicate a forward looking perspective that anticipates and prepares for foreseeable events.  You are able to communicate effective vision of preparedness and forethought to team members so that the leader does not leave his team members behind.

Technical Mastery. You constantly strive for excellence, rather than for mere competency, and this is the hallmark of every true professional.  Learning in a fast changing technology environment is a given, understanding how it all works together, and how to sell it takes talent, and you do not rest until your technical mastery of your sales tool kit and knowledge of company offerings allows you to truly customer engineer solutions.

Modes of Interacting

Asserter. You have drive, determination, and are goal oriented. You are straight­forward, direct, uncompromising (yet not bull-headed).  You meet obstacles and overcome them; obstacles are to be expected, stopping because of obstacles is not accepted.

Communicator. You broadcast the company mission, vision, and objectives in language appropriate for each audience.  For example, you must be able to communicate how the company’s technology, present and future, enables customers to take advantage of the vision in their product plans and their markets.  The audience will vary from OEMs using embedded wireless products to channel partners, including distributors, resellers.

Empathy. You are an authentic human being, not an insensitive jerk. Being a sensitive listener, one who feels and cares, ready to reach out and help colleagues and customers is an important part of successful selling.  Human nature and emotion plays a role in selling, and you understand this.

Motivator. You are positive, enthusiastic, and help your team feel good in their jobs and reach goals. Giving genuine praise, not flattery, comes naturally with you. Your team responds to the beat of your drum, and enjoys the tune.

People oriented. You understand that only a great team can deliver sustainable results therefore “all of us are smarter than one of us,” and if asked, prior employees will say you were a joy to work for, and they would want to work for you again.

Fun to work with. You understand that work can be fun and are not a “Debbie-downer,” but a wonderful person to work with that inspires, encourages, and uplifts employees to higher levels of performance.

Persuader. You have an affirmative ability to influence through reason and persuasion of argument to help people make decisions that improve their lives, results, and performance. You realize that you are frequently the lead negotiator with customers requiring artful negotiations of good contracts at the front-end. You develop and enable well executed programs that are profitable at the back-end. You have demonstrated the ability to negotiate contracts, business proposals, and other agreements that may be required for execution of the VP of Sales role.

Creative, Challenging, and Supportive. The VP of Sales will be a creative person and suggest many improvements to the sales process and business plans of the company; the VP of Sales will also be a sounding board and provide constructive criticism to the Executive Team on issues where the VP of Sales has prior experience or knowledge; however, once the Executive Team has deliberated and decided on the direction of the company, the VP of Sales will be actively supportive of the decision of the Executive Team.

Relator. You are comfortable working around all types of people.  As the VP of Sales, you are the Face of the Company. The VP of Sales will be the one of the key faces of the company in the market, including the press and social networks. The VP of Sales’s will command a high degree of emotional intelligence where actions speak louder than words; the VP of Sales will instill confidence, sincerity, gratitude, and goodwill amongst his staff and peers. The VP of Sales must display a professional appearance, demeanor, and rapport at all times. The VP of Sales must demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively from the customer meeting, in the workplace, and the board room; the VP of Sales will interact with C level executives of customers and partners, business owners, engineers, buyers, product managers, sales and marketing teams of our customers.

Job Responsibilities
The VP of Sales is a key member of the Silex America Executive Team that includes: the President, Controller, And VP OF Business Development.  The VP of Sales is by definition the Chief Sales Officer of the company and as the “sales officer” the VP of Sales’ role is to identify, foresee, and drive the sales growth of the company.  The VP of Sales is also front­line on “profit fumble” prevention or recovery, always keeping a watchful eye on risk awareness, poor execution and poor-timing of sales initiatives that may prove costly to the company.  Consequently, execution of the business plan, growing the top line revenues and preventing profit fumbles for the benefit of the livelihood of the company are essential roles of the VP of Sales.

The VP of Sales is responsible for the developing the systematic processes and maintenance of a transparent sales management monitoring system dashboard providing near-real time key metrics of the sales process. The VP of Sales will provide input on periodic improvements to the company management dashboard system to monitor the critical sales activity that ensures all departments are coordinating together to win the heart and mind of the customer.

The VP of Sales is responsible broadly for management of all sales and marketing activities related to the customer’s satisfaction.  Specific duties include but are not limited to customer management, CRM utilization, proposals, sales materials, promotions, presentations, marketing, web messaging, negotiations, sales pipeline generation, and customer crisis management.

The VP of Sales is responsible for growing the top line of the company and will be incented through compensation to achieve identified growth targets of the company.  Provide executive management with updates on the business activities, opportunity risks of the customer, and any areas impacting major business opportunities.

The VP of Sales will keep a high standard of quality and professionalism controls throughout the sales process.  Ensure quality workmanship and standards, performance monitoring, and when necessary, conduct appropriate pre-employment screening, periodic employee training, and as necessary, appropriate discipline of team members; must keep the Executive team apprised of significant events concerning all human resource issues.  Be proactive, direct, and oversee all aspects of the sales operation.

Oversee market variability in technology and the competition to maintain profitability via analysis of the revenue in product areas and customer programs.  Has an ability to prepare and update tools to streamline the quotation process.  Maintain collaboration with finance department to ensure profit, gross margin, and profit goals are met. Establish and maintain strong relationships with peers so as to identify their needs and seek full range of business solutions.  Provide recommendations to strategically enhance financial performance and business opportunities including new projects and technology.

Qualifications and Requirements: BS degrees in Business, Engineering, Sales or Marketing Preferred; however, a greater concern is relates to what has been accomplished since college, than the particular degree obtained. The principal concerns are the VP of Sales is literate, has good verbal and communication skills, and is highly skilled in emotional intelligence that can create trust relationships, discern the realities within a customer’s organization to navigate today’s complex selling environment.  The candidate will have strong competency in messaging delivery through presentations, written correspondence and the web.  An understanding of legal agreements relating to procurement and supply chain are a must.  Fluency in MS Office and sales CRM tools are mandatory.

10+ years in progressively responsible sales and management leadership roles; A history of positive experience managing human resources and handling issues of pre­employment screening, hiring, training, firing, employee compensation including incentive compensation is necessary.

History of progressively improving and responsible positions as a VP of Sales, Marketing, Business Development or Product Management is a must. GM, COO or President, COO a plus; If the experience is with a company doing less than $10m, an explanation will be necessary as to how to adapt to larger company requirements. Similarly, if the past experience is with a company doing greater than $70m, an explanation as to how the experience is germane to Silex America’s current situation will be required.  The purpose in mentioning this characteristic is that demonstrated experience working in organizations of similar size and complexity as Silex is highly sought after.

History in the embedded wireless, device connectivity, IT, and networking technology fields are a plus. Demonstrated ability to accept responsibility, be self-governing, being proactive and responsible for accomplishment of the company mission without need for daily coaching or prompting from the President is required.  Demonstrated history of good employee relations in past positions is necessary.

Additional Attributes:

  • Demonstrated strong management and leadership skills wanted.
  • Ability to deliver results while working through others, and motivate a team culture that is respectful and supports the company values of excellence, integrity, and quality experience for our customers.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, ability to communicate and manage well at all levels of the organization and with staff.
  • Financial literacy, ability to read, interpret financial reports is valuable for this position.
  • Strong problem solving and creative skills and the ability to exercise sound judgment and make decisions based on accurate and timely analyses.
  • This position will require travel throughout the US and Canada. Travel will also be required periodically to Japan or other international location to support global business requirements.
  • The position is a key management position and a time demanding position wherein the candidate must demonstrate that they understand the requirements of the position, the time required to complete the required duties, and a willingness to be flexible and work the required time-sensitivity of the sales process.

Salary is negotiable and commensurate with ability and experience. Benefits package is typical of other benefit packages for executives in UT and CA markets.

The VP of Sales position is available immediately, and while speedy placement is desirable, it is Silex America’s objective to take the time necessary to find the best available candidate for this position. Silex America realizes that the “right” candidate is likely to be working for another company, and we are willing to work with you to make a smooth transition, as we expect the same from our outgoing employees.

Ideally the VP of Sales will operate from our Southern California office, though we remain open to alternative arrangements if it is in the best interest of the company to attract desired talent.

Company Benefits
Silex provides for Medical, Dental, 401(k), Vacation and Holiday pay. Business casual work environment.

How to Apply
For Inquiries please contact:
Kelly Oberle – Staffing Coordinator
(801) 748-1199 ext. 1230