Field Applications Engineer

Job Responsibilities

The Field Applications Engineer’s (FAE) primary purpose is to provide our customers technical support and program management from the initial customer contact (Pre-sales), through design win, and into production. The position requires an excellent team-player capable of working closely with sales, engineering, business development and customers to manage and facilitate successful customer engagement.

The activities include:

  • Supporting Sales by attending on-site customer meetings, conference calls and providing responses via email.
  • Develop key technical relationships with customers and internal engineering teams.
  • Technical Training for the Sales Team.
    • Internal
    • Channel Sales
    • Partner Events
  • Project Management for lead customer developments and custom product.
    • Generate project RFQ documentation, submit and follow-up with STA and STI engineering groups.
    • Coordinate regular project calls between customer and internal resources.
    • Provide project update reports when required.
  • Responsible for technical meeting notes during customer con calls and meetings.
  • Responsible for customer issue tracking spreadsheet of technical issues.  
  • Support Product Marketing with content generation and subject matter expertise. Including support for Blogging, White Papers and Application Notes.
  • Liaison between STA Sales and STI Global Marketing Center for custom projects and technical issue resolution.
  • Provide recommendations to make our products better and specifically tailored to our target markets, both today and 3-5 years out.

Qualifications and Requirements

BS or advanced degree in Engineering (BSEE, BSME or equivalent) is essential. Networking, Linux, wireless (802.11, Bluetooth, 802.15.4) and software driver experience required.  Product and/or program management experience preferred.  

You must be able to demonstrate a track record of effective verbal and written communication skills with the understanding that this role is customer-facing.  The ideal candidate will have strong competency in problem resolution messaging through presentations, written correspondence and the web.  Strong familiarity with modern programming languages, development environments, console debugging tools, network analytics, and bench equipment such as oscilloscopes, vector network analyzers, spectrum analyzers and other related equipment is expected.

A minimum of 2-5 years in progressively responsible technical and engineering support roles is required. 

History in the embedded wireless, and device connectivity would be ideal. Experience in the IT and networking technology fields are an added plus. Demonstrated ability to accept responsibility, be self-governing, being proactive and responsible for accomplishment of the company’s design win goals without the need for daily monitoring is required.  Demonstrated history of good interpersonal employee relations in past positions is necessary as a team player.

Behavioral Traits of a Silex Field Applications Engineer


Technical Mastery: You are committed to continual self-education and problem solving. You enjoy network connectivity technologies, and specifically, wireless.  You are intrigued by and seek out new industry developments while constantly staying abreast of the latest trends at our customers and supply chain partners. 

Unlike others who may only have an academic interest in technology, you apply what you have learned to real-world problems. You are the direct link between the customer’s technical development needs and positioning the products and services offered by Silex correctly to meet those needs.

Modes of Thinking

Innovator: You are creative and improvement focused.  You constantly search for better, more efficient methods of technical problem solving.  You have a thorough understanding of software and wireless driver experience (Linux and Android based), are a subject matter expert in wireless technology and standards and fluent in device networking.

Modes of Acting

Proactivity: You are prone to act, rather than waiting to be acted upon.  You own your future and take action to make things happen; there is no time for finger pointing or blaming; that’s a distraction to getting things done.  You find ways of working around problems to deliver results.

Modes of Interacting

Communicator:  You are able to communicate how the company’s technology, present and future, enables customers to reliably connect their products to the network and be able to articulate the various options to your audience. 

Your customers will vary from OEMs using embedded wireless products to channel partners (distributors, resellers and suppliers). Within any given customer you will need to be able to address both technical and project staff at all levels.


Salary is negotiable and commensurate with academic accomplishments, skill set and experience. Benefits package is typical of other benefit packages for FAEs based in this market. 


Flexible based on traits and talent of individual.

Company Benefits

Silex provides competitive employee benefits including Medical, Dental, Vision, 401(k), Flexible Spending Account, and other benefits found in the employee handbook.  Silex is a professional business casual work environment.

How to Apply

For Inquiries please send your resume (pdf or MSWord format) and an introduction e-mail to:

Andrew Ross