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November 1, 2016

How does Qualcomm and NXP joining forces benefit you?

Qualcomm Acquires NXP - Exciting New Opportunities for Silex Technology!


How Qualcomm Acquiring NXP Will Benefit You!


Silex Technology has a unique perspective on the acquisition as a result of our long history with both the organizations. To learn more about how NXP and Qualcomm joining forces can potentially impact Silex customers, read the latest message from Silex's Chief Operating Officer.  

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Remotely Manage Your Enterprise Network RF Environment

Silex has introduced the NX-1, a wireless LAN enterprise network analyzer which provides a simple menu even for those unfamiliar with specialized WLAN knowledge to analyze, sniff, and troubleshoot WLAN networks. Remote monitoring and PC-less operation are key differentiating NX-1 features eliminating technician, PC, and expensive analysis software on-site, reducing cost & field time.

At the core of our vision is the dream of realizing a reliable always-on network. To achieve this vision, we have developed the NX-1 for OEMs and service providers. Visit our product page to learn more.  

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Going Beyond the Limitations of a Standard Vendor Reference Design

silex_QARefDesign_WP.jpgAt Silex Technology, we start with a Qualcomm Atheros reference design, and through significant time and financial investments, we make the best Wi-Fi technology even better. The end result is an extremely reliable and robust Wi-Fi radio module based on industryleading technology.

Download this white paper to learn how we transform Qualcomm Atheros reference designs to provide hardware feature enhancements for applications where devices Absolutely Must Connet.

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Silex Updates SX-ULPGN's UART AT Command Set

SX-ULPGN UART AT Command for web.pngThe SX-ULPGN supports hosted mode for external MCUs with the Silex UART AT Command Set. Based on your feedback and request for additional features, we have now released an update to the UART AT Command Set. This new version adds commonly used networking features like HTTP client and access to peripherals like ADC, PWM, and GPIOs of the SX-ULPGN and make them available to the external Host.

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