Case Studies

Konica Minolta

Learn how Konica Minolta partners with Silex for wireless connectivity to offer their multifunction printers into places where running cables is difficult, inconvenient, or impossible while maintaining a high level of security and compatibility with all the same features of a wired connection.


Learn how Navico used Silex Technology to integrate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity into their marine multifunction display, making it possible for boaters to use their mobile devices to view anything on the fixed display, no matter where they happen to be on the boat.

Sakai City School District

Learn how a school district transformed from their traditional classrooms with chalkboards & whiteboards, paper textbooks, and handwriting into a wireless, digitally interactive collaboration experience.

Delphi Display Systems

Learn how Silex Technology America solved several challenges faced by Delphi Display Systems and its clients.


Learn how Silex works with AMX to provide a secure and reliable wireless connection for Touch Panels.

GE Healthcare

Learn how GE Healthcare's MobileLink wireless ECG solutions helps save steps, reduce errors, expedite report generation and improve charge capture while making sound care decisions in less time.

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